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Capture more leads and inspire future students

Publish sample course tasters that showcase the unique learning opportunities at your organisation.

How course tasters work

Course tasters are a scalable tool for engaging more prospective students and  helping them understand the tasks and nature of a particular  course.

Students browse your course tasters

Students apply and complete learning modules

Students submit their completed mini assignment

Example answer is unlocked

Unlock year-round brand engagement and lead generation

We build your own customised course taster site, in your own branding and on your own domain.

Significantly increase your conversion rates

Course taster are a more effective strategy for converting website visitors into leads. 

Remove uncertainty and provide students the option to try before they buy.

A win-win for students and institutions alike

Support students in making better informed decisions.


Accessible for all​

Regardless of location or background, every student can now get a taste for studying at your institution.


Remove hidden barriers

Tap into a new and diverse talent pool by removing hidden barriers to entry. Students from non traditional backgrounds can build their confidence without pressure or deadlines.


Build brand affinity and trust

Support students and gain their trust as you help them establish course ‘fit’, while at the same time gaining valuable skills and experience.


Increase retention

Give students the chance to understand the nature of specific courses. This translates to better suited students applying with more accurate expectations.

Data-led screening and lead management

Leverage our customisable webform submission functionality to quickly identify and shortlist the candidates that matter.

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