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student engagement,
on your own site

Own the complete student journey, with everything from virtual study events to course taster, all in a single platform, and in your own branding. 

Student enrollments made easy​

Funnel qualified leads into your existing marketing automation and outreach process, and adopt communication strategies based on individual students’ preferences and behaviours.


Self-serve student profiles

Allow your prospective students to create and update their own secure profiles.


Tailored communication strategies

Enhance overall student experience and match students to courses based on preferences, behaviours, strengths and abilities.


Qualified leads straight to your team

Automated funnel of qualified student leads, directly into your existing marketing automation and outreach process.


Outreach efficiency

Give outreach teams and counsellors the information they need to prioritise tasks and make them more efficient in lead conversion.

Host course tasters on your own site

Publish sample course tasters that showcase the unique learning opportunities at your organisation.

Capture more leads and inspire future students to study with you.

Virtual study fairs and events

Engage future students with one-on-one or large scale online fairs and events, built right into your engagement platform.

Showcase related job opportunities

Feature related employers and alumni profiles to showcase the exciting career pathways linked to your courses.

Best-in-class technology

Prosple’s products are robust, secure, and purpose built to drive engagement.
Our sites are used by millions of students every year.



Built to the latest accessibility standards, including fast loading and responsive mobile-first
page designs.


Cloud hosted

Hosted in the cloud on worldwide servers, allowing
you to accommodate any
size audience.


Safe and secure

Enjoy enterprise-grade reliability with HTTPS and SSL protection, security monitoring, DDoS protection and content distribution network support.


Optimized for search engines

Powerful inbuilt SEO features allow your site to be discovered on search engines faster.

Comprehensive support directories

Showcase a complete list of support options available to your students.


Student, alumni and academic directories

Help students to browse, search and connect with relevant profiles from your institution.


Events directory

Showcase upcoming recruitment events with a searchable and up-to-date directory.


Advice and resources library

Highlight a complete directory of scholarships and grants available to your students and alumni.


Scholarships and grant directory

Highlight a complete directory of scholarships and grants available to your students and alumni.

Advanced reporting

Track what matters and gain insights to help provide a better service.

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