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Connect students with real-world industry experiences

Allow students to gain real world experience, make industry connections and apply theory to practical applications, with access to hundreds of projects all within your Prosple platform.

Draw on opportunities sourced from employers around the globe

Spend more time on high value careers support and less on opportunity admin.

A better way for students to source work based learning opportunities

Finding work-based learning opportunities can be a daunting task. Built to meet the latest accessibility standards, Prosple’s platform allows students to easily search, filter, and discover the right opportunity for them.

Curated lists based on your specific learning criteria

Only show opportunities that meet the designated learning and academic criteria for specific subjects. Approve and reject individual opportunities, or set up automated subscription settings.

Offer virtual programs to unlock an even wider pool of opportunities

Virtual programs are a scalable tool for allowing more students to engage with real-word projects from real employers. Help students gain exposure to the unique work and culture of different organisations, all within your career directory.

Students browse your approved virtual experiences

Students apply and complete project modules online

Students participate in scheduled interactions with the employer

Academic assessment and credentials issued upon completion

Customise programs to meet your unique learning requirements

Academic coordinators can work with Prosple to create their own unique WIL programs using projects and modules from Prosple’s database.

Host online events to complement student learning and boost industry engagement

Anything from targeted  1-1 mentoring sessions through to university wide virtual fairs can be hosted natively within your Prosple platform. Includes a convenient event directory feature to ensure students are easily informed up upcoming events.

Advanced reporting and data-led student management

Track what matters to provide a better overall service and academic oversight.

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